Quality knows no compromises – and justice is not a matter of chance.

The philosophy of this law office is based on providing legal services at the highest level of service and quality. When advising and representing his clients, Dr. Thiele focuses on meeting their needs and achieving efficient solutions.

Having trained and worked for many years in one of the largest and most highly respected law firms worldwide*, Dr. Thiele knows the requirements and expectations of clients vis-à-vis their lawyer in the context of high-volume disputes.

In contrast to larger entities, clients of Dr. Thiele will be exclusively advised and represented by the experienced litigator himself. Thus, Dr. Thiele's legal practice is able to merge the flexibility of a small entity with the consulting standards of a large law firm.

*Hogan Lovells International LLP – acknowledged by numerous national and international awards and rankings regarding dispute resolution / litigation, such as Juve, Legal500, Chambers Global etc. Winner of the Chambers Global Award 2014 for Dispute Resolution.

Dr. Dominic Thiele

Commercial and high-volume civil law disputes are our main area of activity.

Dr. Thiele's legal practice is focused on the advice and legal representation of clients in commercial and civil law disputes. This comprises court actions, but also the pre-litigation stage, where it should be considered whether a judicial conflict can amicably be avoided.

Dr. Thiele represents his clients not only in disputes before state courts, but also in alternative dispute resolution mechanisms, like arbitration proceedings, mediation, conciliatory proceedings and other ADR instruments. Besides the client representation, Dr. Thiele may also be involved as an arbitrator, for example in ICC, DIS, ad hoc or adjudication proceedings.

In individual cases, our practice also advises with regard to contract negotiations and contract design: by involving an experienced litigator, implementing unfair contractual provisions or those likely to cause conflict can be avoided in advance.

A comprehensive overview of the services offered by this law firm can be viewed here.

Dr. Dominic Thiele

What makes a good lawyer? That he understands and is able to explain the law. In simple, comprehensible terms. Because legal issues are complex enough.

Dr. Dominic Thiele founded this law office in 2014 after working for more than five years in the Hamburg litigation team of the international law firm Hogan Lovells. Before that, he had already worked for one and a half years in a small multi-disciplinary Hamburg office as a corporate lawyer.

His professional experience spans corporate, tenancy, construction, purchase, product liability, investment brochure and trade law. In recent years, Dr. Thiele has also advised on numerous matters in the field of renewable energy.

Dr. Thiele has published articles on competition, European, trust, corporate, civil procedure and international trade law.

During one-year study course in Sydney, Australia, he received the Master of Laws Degree (LL.M.). His doctoral thesis, which was awarded summa cum laude, was on WTO law.

Dr. Thiele’s comprehensive CV is available to view here and a selection of his legal publications here.

Dr. Dominic Thiele

The list below provides an overview of finalised or ongoing proceedings which have been advised by Dr. Thiele (selection):

Commercial/Trade Law

Continuous court representation of a large German trading company in disputes with suppliers (double-digit number of cases concerning 6- and 7-digit EUR sums)

Continuous court representation of an international high-tech electronics manufacturer (inter alia disputes concerning medical technology)

Advising and representing an MDAX company in a complex post-MBO dispute (7-digit EUR volume)

Advising and representing a Beverly Hills film production company in a lawsuit against an insurance broker concerning a 9-digit USD investment (first instance and appeal proceedings regarding a claim for damages)

Advising and representing a heating pump manufacturer in several procedures of evidence-taking in order to defend the client against product warranty claims

Advising and representing an electronics manufacturer to judicially enforce trade law warranty claims against a Taiwanese supplier

Defending a steel manufacturer in a lawsuit against a EUR 1.5 million bank guarantee claim

Advising and representing a large trading company in a pre-trial discovery and a subsequent lawsuit to enforce claims for damages regarding a distribution facility maintenance agreement

Advising and representing numerous clients in various different pre-trial and judicial disputes against insolvency revocatory actions

Advising a Hong Kong shipping container lessor on recovering containers and enforcing rental claims against different lessees

Advice and successful representation of a UK machine trader against a default decree which was legally in force and incontestable (by way of a reinstatement action)

Advising and representing a hair cosmetics manufacturer in a lawsuit to recover a loan claim of approx. EUR 3 million (2 instances)

Advising and representing an electronics manufacturer in a lawsuit against a media agency to recover payments for non-performed services to the value of several million EUR

Advising and representing a charity organisation in a lawsuit against a media agency in order to enforce claims concerning a film project

Advising and representing an MDAX company for defence in a lawsuit against a 7-digit EUR remuneration claim concerning a project agreement

Advising and representing a food manufacturer (meat segment) in a lawsuit against a packaging supplier concerning claims for damages

Advising and representing a manufacturer of steel products against its supplier in a lawsuit concerning claims based on unjustified enrichment

Judicial representation of a bank in a lawsuit to enforce bank guarantee claims (7-digit EUR amount)

Enforcement of a purchase price claim of a leading thermostat producer against B2B customer in the amount of more than EUR 500,000.00

Out-of-court defence of a US network technology company against a 6-digit commission claim regarding a real estate project in South America

Advising and representing a food manufacturer in a dispute with an energy supplier regarding incorrect invoicing

Advising and representing a media agency in a dispute with a client regarding asserted repayment claims (6-digit EUR volume)

Corporate Litigation

Representation of a medium-sized company in a shareholder dispute to defend a client against a „troublesome shareholder“

Advising and representing shareholders of a building company in a court dispute against 33 shareholders concerning liquidation claims

Advising and representation of a radiologist in the course of the retirement from a radiologists’ association

Judicial enforcement of shareholders’ purchase claims (MBO agreement) against a buyer

Defence against asserted claims for damages in a post-M&A court dispute

Advising and representing a Hamburg tax consulting firm in a dispute with a former managing partner in the context of a redemption of shares measure

Investment Brochure Liability

Advising a Hamburg investment house regarding a failed ship-financing project, particularly dealing with aspects of D&O liability (volume: appr. 80 mill. USD)

Advising an MDAX company in 3 different investment brochure liability matters against a large number of investors (photovoltaic segment)

Product Liability

Ongoing court representation of a large electronics manufacturer to defend the client against product liability actions (several matters, also in appeal proceedings)

Advising a solar module producer in an international product recall (13 different countries)

Advising and representing an automotive manufacturer in the context of a product recall in a multilevel supply chain

Court representation of a leading thermostat producer against the allegation of product series defects in an evidence proceeding (“Selbständiges Beweisverfahren”)

Out-of-court defence of an international company (cold and heat business) against asserted claims regarding a building damage

Advising a trade company and developing a strategy vis-à-vis B2B and B2C customers regarding possible injurious defects of distributed products in a 7-digit trade volume

Renewable Energy

Comprehensively advising a wind energy offshore constructor on several complex disputes with regard to an offshore project comprising an overall investment of approx. EUR 1.2 billion

Advising and representation of a solar module manufacturer in an ICC arbitration against an Indian supplier (warranty claims / claims for damages of an 8-digit EUR amount)

Advising and representing client in a DIS arbitration regarding the enforcement of supplementary claims (8-digit EUR amount) against the main contractor of an offshore windfarm project (substation jacket of a transformation platform)

Ongoing court representation of a large renewable energy company in numerous cases

Advising and court representation of an onshore windfarm manufacturer against its supplier regarding performance / warranty claims (lawsuit and previous ADR evidence taking action).

Preparation of a legal opinion for a Danish component manufacturer regarding compensation claims against customer for acceleration measures in an offshore windfarm construction project

Advising and representing a consortium partner in a DIS arbitration regarding mutual claims for damages and supplementary claims in an offshore windfarm project (value of claims approx. EUR 124,000,000.00)


Court representation of a Hamburg lawyer in a professional liability dispute concerning defence against claims for damages from a former client

Advising and representation of a client in attachment proceedings to protect assets against embezzlement

Judicial enforcement of a loan claim (six-digit)


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